You have the chance to tip the scales!

Would you rather

  • Have a dragon
  • Be a dragon

Special Thanks

Oh my goodness gracious… Inessa did the illustration for this time around and it’s the best one ever. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop where she sells her awesome Crochet patterns.


Some of our favorite responses

Have a dragon

Having a dragon as a pet would be so amazing. With my intellect and his strength we will happily rule the world!
I have a secret desire to be Daenerys Targaryen. It would give you a good power base and there wouldn't be a lot to be afraid of.

Be a dragon

Not only can you fly around gathering treasure and eating whatever you want, you could also protect people and keep people warm at night. Having a dragon would be so expensive with legal fees and food.
Dang, this one was hard. Well I figure if I’m the dragon I can control the fire. And there’s the skipping the line @ the airport part. Plus no one tells dragons what to do. And they tend to have gold
Being big and powerful and able to fly sounds like fun. I'd 100% be a nice dragon and only use my fire breathing to cook food.