The Looney Edition

Would you rather

  • Look like a cartoon
  • Sound like a cartoon


Many of you would rather look like a cartoon than sound like one. Why’s that? Well, it seems like most people really wanted to take advantage of the resilience of cartoons, while some were taken with the idea of wacky looking cartoons that sound just like regular folks.​​​​​​​

Some of our favorite responses

Look like a cartoon

If I was a cartoon I could do all kinds of wacky stuff like have my eyes get all big and bug out when I see something crazy or stretch out my arms.
If I looked like a cartoon, I could probably act like a cartoon, which would mean surviving nearly any physical harm (ie. bombs exploding and you just get charred).
Cartoons are much more malleable in their appearance. I would be able to go all Roger Rabbit on problems, and I've wanted to be able to do that since I was a kid.
I love cartoons, and I love cartoons with regular human voices (like Archer!)
I hate cartoon voices. A cartoon with normal voices and normal speech looks like a pleasant alternative reality.

Sound like a cartoon

My voice is boring and non-distinct. Cartoon voices are kind of fun. Plus cartoons never change their clothes, and I love wearing different outfits. On a slightly related note, when I listened to the podcast I immediately thought that Inessa has a perfect voice for voice acting. She should most definitely be the voice of a cartoon.
I already sound like a cartoon. I’m okay with it.
the girl from Bobs burgers can handle it, so can I