I’m not crying, You’re crying!

I'm not crying, you're crying [Hero Image]

Would you rather:

  • Sneeze Fire
  • Cry Slime

Special Thanks

The question this week comes courtesy of the brilliant Than, whose organization Unseen is doing inspiring work supporting organizations combatting human trafficking.


I'm not crying, you're crying [Data Visualization]

Some of our favorite responses

Sneeze Fire

At least the germs would be incinerated. Plus, it's like a superpower, and everybody knows that superpowers come with the small drawbacks that you're willing to overlook for the awesome gain.

Slime is like glitter. It stays with you forever in places you wouldn't think of.
First off, crying slime would just be disgusting, and it would be very difficult to attract a mate, as well as be very awkward in social situations. The slime would film over your eyes after a good cry, and who knows how long it would take to see clearly again.

Cry Slime

With a sneeze, those suckers can creep up on you. Next thing you know, you've scorched your laptop, or your loved one. All because you looked at the sun, or some pepper floats into your nose. Help everyone if you have allergies like me. There'd be nothing left.
I would just want to be called Slimer.