Fantastic Beasts

Would you rather be:

  • A giant hamster
  • A tiny rhino


Fantastic Beasts [Data Visualization]

Some of our favorite responses

A giant hamster

to kick some-cat-butt
Because I would look so cute stuffing my cheeks with food and starving entire nation's by wiping out their food supply!

A tiny rhino

Rhinos in general are better at living than hamsters. I feel like they are more wise. So even though I’m tiny, I can still stay alive better than a hamster no matter how large it may be!
Everyone would love me because I'd be so cute and unique. I'd be the toast of the town! And a giant hamster sounds terrifying-we had regular hamsters as kids and they were bitey and scary.
Tiny Rhino, so that could spear people in the ankle with my nose and scream, “hey tiny Rhino walkin heaa” in my best NY accent.
Let's face it, the smaller things are the cuter we perceive them to be. Even though being small would make me more vulnerable, my cuteness factor would make people want to help me and keep me safe. Meanwhile, that giant hamster would only have to poop once and everyone would hate it.