A Trip Through the Ages

Would you rather live in

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Medieval Europe


Well folks, it looks like ancient Egypt won because of… aliens.

I love each and everyone one of you weirdos.

Some of our favorite responses

Ancient Egypt

because you know those people got to meet ancient aliens, and who doesn't want to be a part of a modern day conspiracy tv show??
Aliens, batteries, flying machines.
Also, not a fan of the plague.
Their pyramids, sacred geometry, civilization...WOW. Way ahead of its time. I want to know what they were REALLY doing back then. It's so cryptic and fascinating.
The women's rights in ancient Egypt were far more progressive than other historic times. And they seem to be fairly technologically advanced for their time, more so in some ways than Medieval time. I feel like everyone was dying in Medieval times, and women were basically second-class, baby making citizens.
I could be the one to convert doodles into hieroglyphics! Standardize my doodles!

Medieval Europe

Dragons 🐉
I'd rather die by a sword than by sunstroke
I'm not a fan of heat, I like greenery and dreary european weather. I like swords. There's really not a rather here.